Sabang Pulau Weh Island Diving, Fishing, Spearfishing & Bukit Lawang Sumatra Orangutan Jungle Trekking 15 Days 14 Nights Tour Package

Pulau Weh Diving, Fishing, Spearfishing and Bukit Lawang jungle trekking to see Sumatran wildlife such as orangutan and elephant in Tangkahan is overland tour with fantastic activities such as diving in spectacular world class dive sites in Weh Island, spearfishing, fishing and jungle trekking. This tour package is great for you who seeking long trip vacation to enjoy the nature with fun activities.

Diving in Weh Island is one of the awesome activities that allow you to explore one of the best dive sites in Southeast Asia you have never heard of before. Diving is one of the best things to do in Pulau Weh which rich in marine life, healthy coral reefs, plenty of rare creatures and perfect visibilities with average 20-30 meters. There are more than 20 dive spots including wreck dive, drift diving, macro dive and many more. You will also meet many species of moray in moray capital dive site.

Fishing in Pulau Weh & Aceh is a fishing paradise for deep sea angling. The spot has varied condition suitable for popping, jigging and bottom fishing. There are many species of fish to catch. In steep drop off spot or seaward reefs and near outcrops tiny coral islands are perfect GT Popping. In deeper reefs you can jigging to catch dogtooth tuna, ruby snapper, giant grouper, giant trevally and many more. There are also the migration route for yellow fin tuna, sailfish, marlin, mahi-mahi and many other tuna species and pelagic fish.

Aceh is one of the best waters home to reefs, fish and natural attractions. With rich in marine life, spearfishing in Aceh is among the great activity. You can hunt silently many species of delicious fish such as giant trevally, dogtooth tuna, snapper, grouper, barracuda in many underwater conditions ranging from shallow reefs to deep sea spearfishing.

Bukit Lawang Jungle Trekking Tour is an amazing adventure to see Sumatra wildlife especially Orangutan. You will enjoy magnificent natural beauty such as green lush rainforest, panoramic mountains, nice rivers and watching many species of flora and fauna in Mount Leuser National Park. Besides of orangutan, you also have the opportunity to see gibbons, wild goats, hornbills, deer, wild cats, Thomas leaf monkeys and other Sumatra wildlife. There are also Raflessia flower and giant umbrella leaf palm.

The last interesting activity is seeing Sumatran elephants in Tangkahan. Not only the elephants, you will also see primates, natural landscapes, fresh air, beautiful jungle and flora and fauna. Tangkahan is part of Langkat Regency, North Sumatra which is one of the popular place to visit for wildlife and nature sightseeing.

Pulau Weh is the true paradise with complete tourism ranging from marine tourism, historical, culture, nature, religious to culinary delights. It has a beautiful underwater attractions, green rainforest, volcano, waterfall, lake, splendid beaches and great place to relax.

Aceh is the province where Pulau Weh part of it. Located in the northern tip of Sumatra or the westernmost part of Indonesia where plenty of best things to do in Aceh which is home to one famous national park in Indonesia and perfect for hiking, trekking and so many more to do. It has many best beaches in the country where you can relax, surfing, snorkeling, spearfishing and diving.

Here are the detail of Sabang Pulau Weh Island Diving, Fishing, Spearfishing & Bukit Lawang Sumatra Orangutan Jungle Trekking 15 Days 14 Nights

Tour Duration: 15 Days 14 Nights

Type of Tour: Private Tour


  • 7 Nights in Pulau Weh
  • 1 Night in Meulaboh
  • 1 Night in Banda Aceh
  • 1 Night in Langsa
  • 2 Nights in Bukit Lawang
  • 1 Night in Tangkahan
  • 1 Night in Medan

Based on 3 star hotel & twin sharing

Destinations: Pulau Weh, Banda Aceh, Aceh Besar, Aceh Jaya, West Aceh, Langsa, Bukit Lawang, Leuser National Park, Tangkahan & Medan city

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Itinerary Sabang Pulau Weh Island Diving, Fishing, Spearfishing & Bukit Lawang Sumatra Orangutan Jungle Trekking 15 Days 14 Nights